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How to start a hair business with no money?

How to start a hair business with no money?

As the popular saying goes; “Good looking is good business” The wig and braiding business is a very lucrative business as all women use them in all age groups and in all life jobs. ! Here’s a quick tip on how to start this business idea without cash.

  1. Learn professional hair knowledge and research the wig market (free market research)                                                                                You can obtain more comprehensive knowledge through the following free channels:

1) Learning about hairdressing products from the Internet is the most convenient way, but it may be difficult for you to master the core content.

2) If you can find opportunities for personal experience, such as working in local barbershops and wig retailers, this will not only allow you to gain more professional knowledge of the hairdressing industry, but also help you understand the market and customer needs.

3) If you already have a reliable hair/wig product supplier, you can also get more comprehensive information from your partner.

  1. Identify the customer base and develop a sales plan (no cost marketing strategy)                                                                                          How will you make money? Try to answer the following basic questions:

(1) Who can be a potential client and first client for my hair salon business?

What kind of hair products can quickly attract my potential customers?

(2) How do target customers pay attention to my product?

(3) How to find reliable hair product suppliers or suppliers who can provide consignment?

(4) How to effectively sell wigs/hairdressing products without stock?

(5) How much do customers need to pay for your product or service?

(6) How does your business get offers that have an advantage over competitors?

If you can effectively solve the above problems (they are fundamental, though not exhaustive), your business is not far from success.

  1. Become a distributor or retailer of a reliable hair supplier (free stock and product information)

A trusted hair supplier is essential to starting your hair business, especially for those who want to make a low-cost or even zero-cost investment, meaning you don’t want or have no additional inventory capital. How to sell hair products to customers without stock on hand? What you can do: After receiving the payment from the customer, order the product from your hair supplier and they can ship the product to your customer or you in a timely manner. Therefore, you need to find a trusted long-term hair supplier, and of course reliable quality and competitive prices are equally important (professional hair and wig product manufacturers can guarantee this). Also, make sure your suppliers are happy to provide you with a variety of product information to ensure that you can still get product information and display graphics for online store merchandise display, advertising, and product introductions to customers.

  1. Online store and multi-social media marketing (free sales channels)

Thanks to the development of network technology, we can buy almost anything from all over the world without leaving home. So you can also start your fake accident at home without spending a lot of money to rent and furnish a brick and mortar store. Set up shop on big B2C platforms like eBay, Amazon without any investment; create a page on Facebook; make live sales on YouTube, TikTok and other video sites. These can all be quick and effective marketing channels for you to display and sell hair and wig products. Of course, if you want to expand your local offline hairdressing business, you can also go to hairdressing centers, hairdressing training schools and other related companies and institutions for offline marketing. A strong partnership with them will bring long-term benefits.

  1. Increase customer retention and keep unlimited sales (zero-cost customer maintenance)

In the above, we have mentioned that selling online can be your main strategy for achieving beauty without the investment cost. Also as a high-speed information dissemination channel, social media is a cheap and even free marketing tool, but it is the key to the success of your hairdressing business. Identify key influencers in your industry and contact them to collaborate on various platforms; or you can create your own explosive themes (such as free contests, hair extension app tutorials, and wig tips) to attract unlimited attention and boost your sales quantity. Provide impeccable online service to your clients at all times, and offer discounts to select long-term loyal clients (e.g. salon owners, beauty students) for a steady stream of repeat customers.




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